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Our company was started to provide working at height solutions for both professional and personal use. We are an experienced team of experts able to provide you with the solutions you need for working safely from a height.

As a renowned and established supplier of aluminium ladders in Kenya, we only stock and sell products that are tested and approved for safe use. With us, you will never find an uncertified product on our website and in our physical inventory. We go the extra mile to ensure that you can concentrate on your work without any worries about your safety. If you shop for your ladder from us, then you can rest assured that all the bases will be covered. Contact us today for the best ladders for sale in Nairobi.

Ladder price in Kenya

Ladder Type Design Height (metres) PRICE (Ksh)
Step Ladder [Aluminium] 3 Steps 1.09 Meters Ksh 5,600
Step Ladder [Aluminium] 4 Steps 1.28 Meters Ksh 6,800
Step Ladder [Aluminium] 5 Steps 1.50 Meters Ksh 8,800
Step Ladder [Aluminium] 6 Steps 1.76 Meters Ksh 10,000
Step Ladder [Aluminium] 7 Steps 1.97 Meters Ksh 12,000
Step Ladder [Aluminium] 8 Steps 2.25 Meters Ksh 14,000
Step Ladder [Aluminium] 9 Steps 2.5 Meters Ksh 15,000
Step Ladder [Aluminium] 10 Steps 2.7 Meters Ksh 16,500
Double Sided Step Ladder [Aluminium] 5+5 Steps 1.5 Meters Ksh 16,000
Double Sided Step Ladder [Aluminium] 6+6 Steps 1.8 Meters Ksh 17,000
Double Sided Step Ladder [Aluminium] 7+7 Steps 2.13 Meters Ksh 18,000
Double Sided Step Ladder [Aluminium] 8+8 Steps 2.4 Meters Ksh 18,500
Double Sided Step Ladder [Aluminium] 9+9 Steps 2.7 Meters Ksh 19,500
Step Ladder [Steel] 3 Steps 1.2 Meters Ksh 7,500
Step Ladder [Steel] 4 Steps 1.45 Meters Ksh 8,500
Step Ladder [Steel] 5 Steps 1.60 Meters Ksh 10,500
Step Ladder [Steel] 6 Steps 1.2 Meters Ksh 12,500
Foldable Ladder 4X2 2.6 Meters Ksh 13,000
Foldable Ladder 4X3 3.46 Meters Ksh 17,000
Foldable Ladder 4X4 4.56 Meters Ksh 23,000
Foldable Ladder 4X5 5.64 Meters Ksh 26,000
Foldable Ladder 4X6 6.72 Meters Ksh 30,000
Foldable Ladder 4X7 8.2 Meters Ksh 34,000
Foldable Ladder 4X8 9.8 Meters Ksh 36,000
Foldable Ladder 4X9 10.2 Meters Ksh 39,000
Two Section Extension 2X8 3.54 Meters Ksh 22,000
Two Section Extension 2X10 4.62 Meters Ksh 26,000
Two Section Extension 2X12 5.68 Meters Ksh 28,000
Two Section Extension 2X14 6.78 Meters Ksh 32,000
Two Section Extension 2X16 8.6 Meters Ksh 56,000
Two Section Extension 2X18 9.5 Meters Ksh 62,000
Two Section Extension 2X20 10.7 Meters Ksh 68,000
Three Section Extension 3X8 4.8 Meters Ksh 28,000
Three Section Extension 3X10 6.40 Meters Ksh 32,000
Three Section Extension 3X12 8.00 Meters Ksh 38,000
Three Section Extension 3X14 9.60 Meters Ksh 42,000
Three Section Extension 3X16 11.20 Meters Ksh 45,000
Single Telescopic Ladder - 2.0 Meters Ksh 14,000
Single Telescopic Ladder - 2.6 Meters Ksh 18,000
Single Telescopic Ladder - 3.2 Meters Ksh 22,000
Single Telescopic Ladder - 3.8 Meters Ksh 26,000
Single Telescopic Ladder - 4.1 Meters Ksh 28,000
Single Telescopic Ladder - 4.4 Meters Ksh 30,000
Single Telescopic Ladder - 4.7 Meters Ksh 32,000
Single Telescopic Ladder - 5.0 Meters Ksh 33,000
Single Telescopic Ladder - 6.2 Meters Ksh 37,000
Single Telescopic Ladder - 6.7 Meters Ksh 42,000
Dual Telescopic Ladder 2x6 Steps 3.8 Meters Ksh 26,000
Dual Telescopic Ladder 2x7 Steps 4.4 Meters Ksh 34,000
Dual Telescopic Ladder 2x8 Steps 5.0 Meters Ksh 39,000
Dual Telescopic Ladder 2x9 Steps 5.6 Meters Ksh 38,000
Dual Telescopic Ladder 2x10 Steps 6.0 Meters (3m+3m) Ksh 46,000
Dual Telescopic Ladder 2x12 Steps 7.5 Meters (3.6m +3.6m) Ksh 50,000
Fibreglass 2 Section Extension 2x10 Steps 6.1 Meters Ksh 49,000
Fibreglass 2 Section Extension 2x12 Steps 7.3 Meters Ksh 55,000
Fibreglass 2 Section Extension 2x14 Steps 8.6 Meters Ksh 58,000
Fibreglass 2 Section Extension 2x16 Steps 9.7 Meters Ksh 68,000
Fibreglass 2 Section Extension 2x20 Steps 12.2 Meters Ksh 85,000
Fibreglass Foldable Ladder 4x3 3.46 Meters Ksh 26,000
Fibreglass Foldable Ladder 4x4 4.56 Meters Ksh 28,000
Fibreglass Foldable Ladder 4x5 5.64 Meters Ksh 30,000
Fibreglass Foldable Ladder 4x6 6.72 Meters Ksh 32,000
Fibreglass Foldable Ladder 4x7 8.2 Meters Ksh 35,000
Fibreglass Foldable Ladder 4x8 9.8 Meters Ksh 38,000

Also Available:
Ladder Wheels @ Ksh 1,600/= per pair
Ladder Hooks @ Ksh 2,000/= per pair

Double Safety Harness @ Ksh 5,000/= per pair

Scaffolding set - [2 metres] @ Ksh 12,000/=
Discount available depending on order quantity

For Purchase Inquiries, Call/Sms/Whatsapp us on 0720 803295.
We are located at SMK Business centre along Enterprise road, next to Hillocks (Abt 2 kms from GM)

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Choosing The Best

Aluminum Ladder Price in Kenya

Ladders are important because they allow us to reach heights that would otherwise be out of our reach. Ladders come in different materials all with their pros and cons. However, the one material that most people in the industry agree on is aluminum. It comes with a ton of benefits including; it is strong, it is lightweight, lasts long and is affordable. You therefore expect to enjoy good aluminum ladder prices in Kenya.

But just like when choosing any other tool for professional or home use, you should take the time to ensure that you buy the right ladder for your needs. You have already decided that you want an aluminum ladder for sale in Kenya. So what else should you be on the lookout for? Here are some of the factors to consider;

Factors to consider when choosing an aluminum ladder

(i) The type of ladder you need:

Aluminum ladders for sale in Nairobi are available in many different types to suit different needs.

Here are some of the most common ladders you will find in the market.

Step ladders - these ladders have an A-frame design. They have spreaders that lock in place to hold the ladder in the right position. The steps can be on one side of the ladder or both sides for twin step ladders. Step ladders can also have a platform at the top for standing or placing your materials. Step ladders with this top platform are also known as platform or podium ladders.

Extension ladders - these ladders have sections that can slide up and down to extend the reach of the ladder. Very long ladders come with ropes and pulley systems that you can use to easily extend the ladder to the desired height.

Multi-position ladders - these ladders are also known as combination or articulating ladders. These ladders can be used on stairs and other uneven surfaces with ease. They offer a lot of versatility because they can be used both as single or twin sided step ladders. Further, some models can be used in pairs to offer support for scaffoldings. This will come with the highest aluminum ladder price in Kenya. However, their versatility justifies the increased price.

(ii) The maximum load the ladder can hold:

Another important feature to consider when choosing an aluminum ladder is the maximum weight it can take. The load capacity or the duty rating is a rating given to show how much weight the ladder can take without breaking. The higher the rating the better, especially when the ladder will be used by different people. It is recommended that you go for a ladder with a higher load capacity also to give allowance for the weight of materials and tools you might be using.

(iii) Ladder features and accessories

For professionals, a good ladder is one that comes with essential features or even extra accessories that allow safe and easy usage. These tools and accessories keep your tools and materials within reach allowing you to work with ease. For instance, bungee loops are available as accessories for holding tools. There are also ladders that come with holes that allow you to hold compatible tools with ease.

Another important feature to look out for is the leveling system which allows you to adjust the ladder for uneven surfaces. There are also ladders with serrated feet that you can drive into the ground for added stability. You can also add a stabilizer which is an accessory that attaches at the top of an extension ladder. The stabilizer extends the supporting points of the ladder outwards. Depending on the size, the stabilizer can span an entire window making it easy to reach surfaces directly above a window.

There are many other features to look out for depending on the needs you have. The more features and extra accessories you need the higher the aluminum ladder price in Kenya will be. However, the ROI of your investment is guaranteed as these features make work easier and ensure your safety.

(iv) The maximum height the ladder can reach

To safely use a ladder, then you need one that reaches the desired height. It is therefore crucial to ensure that you match the ladder size to your needs. An extension ladder should be several feet taller than the height you need to reach. For a step ladder, you should avoid standing on the top two steps to reach the height you need. This gives you more stability and flexibility as you work.

If you are in the market for ladders for sale in Kenya, then you are at the right place. We are renowned suppliers of superior quality aluminum ladders in Kenya. Our products are a common sight in many sites, homes and workshops throughout the country. What's more, since we are specialists at the supply of ladders we offer a wide variety of superior quality products to meet your needs and budget.