Fiberglass Ladder price in Kenya

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5 Step Aluminium Ladders

Fiberglass Ladder Prices

Ladder Type {Heavy Duty} Design Height (Metres) Price (Ksh)
Fiber glass foldable ladder 4x3 3.46 26,000
Fiber glass foldable ladder 4x4 4.56 28,000
Fiber glass foldable ladder 4x5 5.64 30,000
Fiber glass foldable ladder 4x6 6.72 32,000
Fiber glass foldable ladder 4x7 8.2 35,000
Fiber glass foldable ladder 4x8 9.8 38,000
Fiber glass extension ladder 2x10 6.0m 49,000
Fiber glass extension ladder 2x12 7.2m 55,000
Fiber glass extension ladder 2x14 8.6m 58,000
Fiber glass extension ladder 2x16 9.7m 68,000
Fiber glass extension ladder 2x20 12.2m 85,000

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A fiberglass ladder, as the name suggests is simply a ladder made of fiberglass. Fiberglass is a type of plastic reinforced using glass. Fiberglass ladders can be entirely made of fiberglass material while others are made of a mixture of fiberglass and strong aluminum.

Why consider fiberglass ladders over all the other materials?

Fiberglass ladders come with the following characteristics that make them more superior to wood and metal ladders;

  • Fiberglass ladders are strong therefore they can hold heavy users with ease and they last long. With fiberglass durability will not be an issue.
  • They are weather resistant and do not absorb moisture. As such, they are not damaged by the elements. Do you keep forgetting your ladder outside or maybe you do not have any storage space? Consider investing in a fiberglass ladder.
  • Fiberglass doesn't conduct electricity therefore these ladders can be used in places where electric shock is a hazard. Electricians who are prone to electric shock can use fiberglass ladders.
  • Fiberglass is flame resistant.
  • Fiberglass ladders do not easily bend even after many years of use.
  • Fiberglass is not easily weakened by heat.

Fiberglass ladders are available in all sizes and styles. You can get them as step ladders, telescopic ladders, extension ladders, collapsible and many other designs. To determine the size of the ladder you need, you should identify you needs and the spaces where you work the most.

How do you choose a fiberglass ladder that is best suited for your needs? We are experts and can help you choose the right ladder for your needs. Browse our wide range of fiberglass ladders and see the full descriptions that provide more information about the product. If that is not enough, we have experts on standby waiting to answer your questions and guide you to the right ladder for you.