Scaffolding prices in Kenya

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5 Step Aluminium Ladders

Our Scaffolding Prices

Steel Scaffolding Set H-Frame 1.8m x1.2m x 2 metres high : Ksh 12,000/=

Volume discount apply

Other Products we stock

Steel Platform (1.9m x 0.3m) - Ksh 8,500/= per piece
Caster wheel (6 inch) - Ksh 3,500/= per wheel
Caster wheel (8 inch) - Ksh 4,000/= per wheel
Base Jack - Ksh 1,500/= per pc
Construction Safety net (3 meters x 50 meters) - Ksh 9,000

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Scaffoldings are best suited for construction and home maintenance and repair jobs. The good thing about scaffoldings, they can be extended and by buying individual components to suit your needs. That means the scaffolding prices in Kenya depend heavily on the system you need. The bigger you go, the many components you will need and therefore the more you will pay.

If you change positions - whether vertically or laterally often, then you should consider getting rolling scaffolds. These scaffoldings have wheels that make it easy to move the scaffolds from one position to the other. That is not all, they also have multiple bars at different heights through which you can adjust your height. Rolling scaffolds can also be used to ferry heavy materials from one location to the other.

Another feature you should pay attention to is the material used to make the scaffolds. The frames should be made of materials that are strong and durable. The materials should be resistant to rust and the finishes should ensure that these materials are not exposed to elements that can cause rusting and damage. Besides only paint, some materials are anodized or come with other finishes that ensure durability.

Finally, check the total weight or load capacity of the scaffolds. The higher of course the better it will be. This is because a scaffold with a high load capacity will allow many people and more materials on the platform at once.

If you are looking for scaffoldings for sale in Kenya, then we can help. We have a wide range of quality scaffoldings of different types, sizes, load capacities and materials. As such, you are sure to get a scaffold that will meet your needs. Also, as established suppliers of scaffolds in the country we are able to offer our products at the best scaffolding prices in Kenya. Contact us today to learn more.

3 Step Aluminium Ladders
4 Step Aluminium Ladders
5 Step Aluminium Ladders